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Temporary Staffing Services Toronto

RELY-ON Staffing Group Inc. (RSGI) is one of the leading temporary employment agencies Toronto offering flexible staffing options. Many industrial support industries are leveraging the services of staffing companies to reach talent and adjust their workforce based on the periodic needs of their business. We offer contract and project staffing options to cater your unique workforce needs.

Reduce Your Hiring Risk

We’ll reduce the administrative burden of interviewing, evaluating, screening, and recruiting employees by providing you with high quality candidates. For years, RELY-ON Staffing Group Inc. has recruited skilled and qualified temporary and contract employees for our clients. Our office network enables us to match candidates to clients and clients to candidates. We have a proven track record in delivering temporary staffing solutions. We thoroughly understand your industry and match our people to your unique business needs.

Contract Staffing

Our contract staffing services allows you to fulfill your short-term needs for skilled employees. Many industries “rely on” our temporary staffing agency to support upcoming projects and meet cyclical requirements. Hiring candidates on a contract basis allows your company to maintain workforce levels and retain the available talent, while minimizing employee-related costs.

Project Based Staffing

If you have a project that your current employees don’t have the time or skills to execute, we can help with our project based staffing services. Our experienced recruiters will determine your project needs and develop a comprehensive staffing strategy to meet your objectives. From packaging personnel to certified forklift operators, RELY-ON Staffing Group Inc will provide the workforce solutions when you need them, in order to successfully complete your project.

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Why Choose Us?

RELY-ON Staffing Group Inc. (RSGI) is one of the leading job placement agencies Toronto helping clients manage short-term escalations in demand, such as special projects and seasonal work. All of our temporary personnel are interviewed, skill tested and screened. References are checked. As a result, you can always rely on us to source skilled and qualified employees for your temporary positions.

We understand your market

Our recruiters thoroughly research your industry to ensure only the most suitable candidates are supplied to fulfill your business needs.

We reduce your fixed staff costs

Temporary staff is a cost-effective solution to your business, because we keep your fixed staff costs to a minimum with a flexible workforce solutions.

Our Features

  • Flexible, prompt temporary staffing support to meet your unique needs
  • One-stop staffing source covering a variety of professional and technical skill sets
  • Minimize labor costs by adding staff only when necessary to meet deadlines
  • Ensure our employees have the necessary skills to successfully complete the job
  • Ensure our workforce is prepared for both traditional and non-traditional work environments
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