Permanent Employment Agency

Permanent Recruitment Agency Toronto

RELY-ON Staffing Group Inc. (RSGI) is one of the best employment agencies Toronto. Our experienced recruiters will save our clients their time, effort and money by ensuring they find the right employees.

Consider the numerous hours you invest into recruiting a permanent team member and the interruption it can cause to your core business. We can save you time and hassles without cutting corners. We match the candidates with your unique business needs and culture to promote retention.

We know your industry

Our experienced local consultants carefully listen to your needs and understand your industry. Our permanent recruiters are experts in their specific fields and have access to a wide network of specialized professionals, such as security personnel, order pickers/packers, production assemblers, maintenance workers, inventory control clerks and more.

We provide a service tailored to your needs

RELY-ON Staffing Group Inc will tailor a solution to meet your needs. You can ask us to source, screen, interview, assess and shortlist resumes of the top candidates. You can also consult our team about the right salary package. You can hand over all your recruitment projects to us, or just one, the choice is yours. The service is completely tailored to your needs.

To discuss your Permanent Staffing needs with a specialist from our team, please contact us.

Why Choose Us?

At RELY-ON Staffing Group Inc, our dedicated staff helps an organization meet its unique business goals easily. We are one of the best permanent staffing agencies in Toronto offering turnkey, seamless staffing solutions to help businesses reach their bottom line.

With years of experience in the staffing industry, RELY-ON Staffing Group Inc has gained a reputation for an unparalleled service. It’s our job to provide you with qualified, skilled candidates based on your specific job requirements. You can “rely on” us for all your permanent staffing needs. Our experienced recruiters help you match the right candidate with right skill set.

Our Features

  • Identify and shortlist suitable candidates in a short time frame
  • Ensure an understanding of your unique requirements
  • Experienced consultants to handle all of your inquiries personally
  • Advertise, attract, interview and pre-screen candidates
  • Huge internal database of resumes

Contact Us Today to Learn More

Contact us today to discuss what RELY-ON Staffing Group’s permanent staffing solutions can mean for your industry. Helping you hire the right candidate for the job is only part of what we offer. We also provide support and ongoing customer service for all of our clients.

For more information about permanent staffing solutions, please contact us.